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[Towertalk] Brackets for Sidemounting "fixed" antennas

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Subject: [Towertalk] Brackets for Sidemounting "fixed" antennas
From: (Steve Maki)
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 12:19:14 -0400
>       [Steve Katz]  As I posted twice yesterday, I use 2" angle iron
>(steel) shims, placed 180 degrees opposing each other, between the round
>tower leg and the boom-to-mast plate.  This provides the correct dimension
>for the mast plates provided with most HF beams, and also provides a flat,
>not round, mounting surface.  In 90mph winds, I've never seen a beam turn
>out of position when mounted to a single leg this way.  The angle irons cost
>about $2 at Home Depot and are pretty "universal."  I've side-mounted large
>beams on single tower legs for many years, including in some very high wind
>areas, and have never had a problem when doing it this way.  Obviously, if
>two legs happen to line up in the right direction, I'll use two legs!

Hi Steve,

It may have worked for you, but the shims do nothing to relieve the
twisting torque on the leg, which would be my main concern. I would
have nightmares about brace welds ripping out of legs.

An outrigger tied to a second leg solves that problem, but by the
time you do that, you might just as well have built a full face
bracket, which can consist of just two pieces of angle and a short
2" OD mast.

Steve K8LX

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