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Subject: [Towertalk] Rotor setup questions....
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Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 19:05:48 -0600

    I am a rotor challenged new owner...:)  Just got my new 
Prosistel rotor with the "C" controller.  I've never had a rotor before 
so forgive my dumb questions.

    I've wired everything up as required, etc. in preparation to 
installing this rotor on my new tower.  What I am confused about 
are several items.

1.  What should the display read when the rotor is in the North stop 
position?  I think it should read "000" to indicate it is stopped at the 
north position.  Correct??

2. I want to set the rotor at it's north stop so I can mount and drill 
the mast to install the anti-spin bolt that's recommended prior to 
the final mounting of the rotor.  Is my above assumption about 
positioning conducive to my doing this??

3. Is the mounting position of the rotor itself a critical issue insofar 
as the north stop postion is concerned?  I'm mounting the rotor and 
the mast on the ground prior to raising the tower.  Is this going to 
present me with a problem?

4. Do any owners of the Prositel rotor have any other advice and/or 
suggestions for me??

   I would be most appreciative of any and all feed back.  This my 
first tower, rotor, beam, etc. so I am trying to do everything "right" 
the first time...:)  Of course Murphy is bound to show up so I'm 
trying to be prepared for that....:) You can contact me via my e-mail 
if you want too as well.

Thank you,

Don Thaxton

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