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Subject: [Towertalk] Generator Suggestions
From: (Richard Zalewski)
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 13:07:59 -0700
Having lived off the grid for 9 years I do have some thoughts.  First
question would be how much do you expect to run the generator.  If it is
going to be used often I would suggest going diesel with a 55 gal plastic
drum tank or something similar.

With diesel far less maintenance.  I have had both gas and diesel.  I also
feel that with lp you loose a bit of hp UNLESS it comes that way from the
manufacturer.  Most LP conversions rob too much power.

Don't under power your unit.  Also if you are going to be pulling a lot of
power through the generator, consider having the ability to split the load
so that you get even wear.

Dick W7ZR  XE2DV

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Subject: [Towertalk] Generator Suggestions

> Boy do I have suggestions!
> We live on a mountain top and need back up. We have gone from a 4500w Onan
> gasoline unit to a 12kw Onan propane unit.
> If you are going to get something the size of a 7500w go larger and get it
> installed permanently.
> Mine comes on in 15 seconds after a power failure, runs on LP, we also
> a Jotul LP stove in the family room for back up heat with no fan and no
> power required.
> My entire back up system including installation by a professional
> electrician and a 700gal LP tank was about $8k.
> I could roll around the old 4.5kw, wire it in temporarily, handle all the
> gal gas cans, et al but my wife could not do that alone.
> If you are interested here is where I bought mine....2000mi away and they
> had it delivered in 5 days:
> Norwall beat my 3 local Onan dealers prices by $1800 at least
> Any more questions fire away. Ours is now 3 years old and never missed a
> beat. Every Friday it fires up at 3pm, runs for half an hour of exercise
> and shuts down. I change the oil/filter twice per year. We have had power
> outages up to 6 hours and it took right over. You DO have to turn the A/C
> and heat pump off. it runs everything else. Perfectly stable regulated
> power. I would not go with anything other than Onan.
> 73, ed
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