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Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 05:31:47 -0700
I'm still using my Butternut HF6x and radials are required for
performance. The directions call for making 4 with 300Ù TV wire that
worked well 10-40M but I needed to add one at the dimensions described
by the instructions approximately 1/4ë (I think Lamda is the right one)I
have it mounted on top of the house and I used a piece of TV mast from
radio shack and had a flange welded on (26" long). The antenna is
supported by a tripod from radio shack and the TV mast piece is clamped
in tripod. This let me drop the butternut down inside the short TV mast
and attach the radials at the flange. The 75Ù stub is well supported
with tie wraps and hasn't given any problems. The antenna has been up
for two years 80+ mph winds ice with no problems.   


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Dear Group,
Is there anyone out there using the Butternut Vertical.  I'm thinking
getting one and I haven't come across anyone on any of the bands using
I wanting to put it on top of a 30 foot push-up pole with NO radiates.
wanting to get away from "traps" that I now have on some of the
that I'm using.


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