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[Towertalk] Chassis Punches, Stepped Drills

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Subject: [Towertalk] Chassis Punches, Stepped Drills
From: (Robin Midgett)
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 13:28:49 -0500
Chassis punches are available from Home Depot and any electrical supply 
house. Also, search using, and I've seen them at ham fests, 
they also appear from time to time on the For Sale-Swap reflector, Homebrew 
reflector, and Amps reflector, all of which have searchable archives.

Depending on the thickness of your chassis, I'd recommend a UniBit stepped 
drill instead of the chassis punch. It is much more versatile, less 
expensive, and makes nice round holes from ~3/16" through 1" in various 
steps, depending on which model you purchase. McMaster-Carr will have them, also, also at Lowe's & Home Depot. Get a can of tapping fluid 
(cutting fluid, metal specific (steel, alum, etc.)) while you're at it to 
make the stepped drill last longer.

At 07:39 PM 8/20/2002 -0500, Mark Beckwith wrote:
>Thanks to everyone who responded, I got excellent answers to both questions.
>I now understand about the terminals on the lightEning protectors, and I
>also found what from multiple reports is the best source for fiberglass rod,
>and is also cheaper than McMaster-Carr.
>Now can someone tell me where I can get a 5/8" chassis punch cheaper than at
>Mark, N5OT
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