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[Towertalk] what drill to use ?

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Subject: [Towertalk] what drill to use ?
From: (Tod Olson)
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 22:20:46 -0600
I hired someone to do the job. I think they were a plumber. They have
special concrete saws (diamond cutting edges) that make a perfectly round,
smooth hole through the brick and the siding as well if you wish. They know
what they are doing and have the tools to do it. You may find it is cheaper
than buying a drill. In my case I was installing a 4 inch vent into the
house so there was no thought of buying my very own, use it one time diamond
edged hole saw.


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Subject: [Towertalk] what drill to use ?

Hi Guys ! I am bringing a 1.5 inch pvc pipe into my house which carries the
coax from the tower to my rig.  I have a brick house, does anyone know what
kind of drill bit I should use or where I can get one ?  I would like to
a clean hole in the brick and I will continue with a wood saw to finish the
hole into the house ..  thanks
John   KB2HUK
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