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Subject: [Towertalk] Trylon raising questions
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Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 08:17:32 -0600
My personal rule for Rohn Gin Poles is:

NEVER  EVER  use a Gin Pole to raise antennas.  

Don't even think about it....  NEVER !

The reason is simple:  The gin pole is designed for
LIGHT  VERTICAL  LIFTS.  ANY significant load
would exceed it's load rating.  ANY significant SIDE
load can / will  BEND  the thin wall aluminum tube.

I use the TRAM method for raising / lowering my Yagi's.
I attach the tram rope and pullup pulley to my MAST.

Think about it:  which is stronger,  a THICK WALL 
STEEL  MAST  secured in the center  of your tower, or a 
THIN  WALL  ALUMINUM Gin Pole attached to a tower leg?

I second Steve's (K7LXC) recommendation for separate 
crane lifts of the tower and mast loaded with the antennas.

Tom  N4KG

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002 "Dave Dunbar, N0RQ" <> writes:
> I have a Trylon T600 - 64', hopefully going up in a few weeks.  A few 
> questions, if I may...
> It will be assembled on the ground and raised by a crane.  How does 
> one attach a Rohn 25 ginpole to the top for the purpose of hauling 
> the HF beam (Force 12 XR-5) to the top?  Is there some better way to 
> get it up there?
> Also, how much stuff can I attach to the tower before the crane 
> arrives?  (The theory being it is easier to do it on the ground than 
> in the air.)  I plan to have the rotor and coax switch mounted, 
> along with the associated cables (tied up inside the tower), but can 
> I also have mounted:
> * the mast (9' of which is above the thrust bearing)?
> * the 6m beam (M2 12' boom) at the top of the mast?
> * the side brackets for the side-mounted 2m vertical?
> * the 3' PVC stubs that will hold the pulleys for the dipoles?
> How much risk is there in installing those before it is lifted up?
> Any suggestions for the crane operator -- how far up to attach the 
> crane, what to use or not use as a strap around the legs, do or 
> don'ts for lifting, etc.
> Many thanks.
> -- 
> Dave, N0RQ
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