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Subject: [Towertalk] yagi
From: (Carl Smidt)
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 12:06:03 -0300
After all this agonizing over antennas and lightning, you do mean =
'Their' web site, don't you?     :>)

73,   Carl   VE9OV
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  >Does anybody know a source for cell phone yagi antennas with
  >  coax lead in?
  >Tnx in advance, W5AA Dick


  Wilson Electronics has a nice little 800-900 MHz Yagi for cell phone =
  Model Y8009EL     claims is 13 dBi

  (Wilson =3D Jim Wilson, N7JW)

  It is a rear mount and is about 3 ft long.

  There web site does not appear to be set up for consumer use but here =
is the
  contact info.

  Contact Information for Wilson Electronics, Inc.
  Postal address
  3301 E. Deseret Drive St. George, Utah 84790
  E- mail (If possible please include a phone number so we can call you =
  General Information:
  Technical Support:

  73--John   W0UN

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  Call 888-333-9041 to place your order, mention you saw this ad and =
take an additional 5 percent off
  any weather station price.
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