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[Towertalk] Create RC5B-3 mast clamps

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Subject: [Towertalk] Create RC5B-3 mast clamps
From: (Jim White)
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 18:50:21 -0400
Yes, this was the first rotor to raise the spectre of a crack 
problem...seem to remember K5RC (perhaps Productivity Resources) 
marketed a replacement set of clamps which were very good but also very 
pricey - they may have been SS - but my memory is vague - this was about 
20 years ago!

I have several RC5B3's and some have 4 bolt and others 6 bolt boom to 
mast clamps - believe the six bolters were the later ones...

Some guys place something like emery paper in the the clamps about the 
pipe to increase the resistance to not aware of a spec for 
your torque wrench but if they are tight to your satisfaction and there 
is slippage mebbe that is good - It seems to me there has to be a place 
for something to slip otherwise something will break...and the best 
place for release seems to me to be at the rotor - a lot easier re-align 
that versus realign an individual yagi especially if you have stacks on 
the same mast!

Anyone have an extra connector plug for an RC5B3?


Matt & Carrie Trott wrote:

> I finally changed out my Yaesu SDX1000 rotor that literally disintigrated
> after 6 years of faithfully turning a 402CD and 205BAS.
> I replaced it with a used Create RC5B-3 that I purchased several years ago,
> but had never used. My question is: Has anyone ever cracked a mast clamp
> using this rotor? It looks stouter than the Yaesu ones, which I know were
> prone to cracking if tightened too hard. But this one is aluminum also, and
> I just wondered if I could lean on the clamp bolts without worry, because
> the antennas are wandering a bit in the wind.
> Also, I noticed in some pictures I found on the web that this particular
> model shows six (6) mast clamp bolts (3 per side). Mine only has four (4)
> mast clamp bolts (2 per side). Did they change this some where along the
> line? I know it's an RCB5-3 cuz it's stamped in the casting and also sez so
> on the control unit. Any info appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Matt--K7BG
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