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[Towertalk] Create RC5B-3 mast clamps

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Subject: [Towertalk] Create RC5B-3 mast clamps
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 21:02:12 -0400
At 06:50 PM 8/25/02 -0400, Jim White wrote:
>Yes, this was the first rotor to raise the spectre of a crack 
>problem...seem to remember K5RC (perhaps Productivity Resources) marketed 
>a replacement set of clamps which were very good but also very pricey - 
>they may have been SS - but my memory is vague - this was about 20 years ago!

I'm not familiar with the Create clamps, but in the case of the Yaesu 
rotators a lot of the problem arose from people's not understanding how to 
tighten them properly.  If you tighten the clamps on a mast but fail to 
center the clamps on the top of the rotator, or if you tighten things from 
the bottom up and then try to force the clamps to conform to a mast that is 
off-center relative to the rotator, you can expect problems.  In the later 
production rotators, Yaesu included a set of instructions on how to tighten 
things in sequence, in order to avoid this problem.  I believe that if you 
first tighten the clamps on the mast, then center them on the top of the 
rotator, and only then tighten the rotator-to-plate bolts, you'll avoid 
this problem.

73, Pete N4ZR
Sometimes a tower is just a tower

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