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[Towertalk] TX-472 Crank-up Problem

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Subject: [Towertalk] TX-472 Crank-up Problem
From: Fred_W._Hurd@HUD.GOV (Fred_W._Hurd@HUD.GOV)
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 08:07:04 -0400
Hi Everyone - I put up a US Tower TX-472 motor driven tower about two years
ago, and it has worked perfectly until this last Saturday. I was doing my
monthly lowering and raising maintenance for the tower. I lowered the tower
about half-way down, then started to raise it back up when it appeared to
"lock-up" and the motor drive belt was slipping on the pulley wheel. It
does not stick at any one spot, but by lowering a bit then raising it moves
several feet before sticking again. Since it lowers easily, I think the
cables are free and the pulley wheels are OK, but it keeps sticking at
different places when I try to raise. It is now stuck at about three
quarters the way up. I am thinking perhaps a loose or bad drive belt (??).
Also, is there anyone in the Wash DC area that does tower repair? I am too
old to be climbing anything to fix this problem (if climbing is needed).
Please help me with some info if you can...thanks!  Fritz W4PKU.

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