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Subject: [Towertalk] Bev over wire fence summary
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Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 16:13:30 EDT
I was asked to summarize responses to my question about running a beverage 
antenna about 10 feet over a wire fence.

K3VW pretty much expresses what most others did:
I cannot say what your outcome will be with the fence under
the beverage but I will tell you this, whenever there is a
conductor, underneath or close to a beverage antenna, the
incoming wave front will not tilt, therefore you will be
receiving a vertically polarized signal, along with the vertically
polarized noise.  Your signal-to-noise ratio will be greatly diminished!!
If the beverage isn't going to be several wavelengths long,
I would go to another low noise receive antenna, i.e., fullwave loop close
to ground, ewe, pennant or a low dipole.

On the other hand N5UE proclaims: Hi, My bev runs beside a barb wire fence. 
It is about 3 feet away and about 5 feet off the ground. It is terminated at 
the far end and works well. 

>From K2AV: However, since beverages are cheap, maybe just try it and see if 
does enough for you. Just keep the above in mind so that if it doesn't
seem to have the effect you were expecting, you have an idea why.

Thanks for all of the replies, of which there were several others. I sure 
appreciate the help!  I guess I'll take K2AV's advice and give it a try, 
although I'm not going to run coax all the way back to the shack at this 
time. Looks like a bit of an evening FD type op coming up here.

73, Don - K4BEV

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