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[Towertalk] 4-Pin Trailer Plugs

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Subject: [Towertalk] 4-Pin Trailer Plugs
From: Mark <> (Mark)
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 15:50:53 -0700
HEY --`nuther neato use for the ubiquitous 4 conductor trailer hitch
connectors .. I (with others) use them on all my mobile rig connections, and
any radio I intend to move around... I parallel the 2 adjacent conductors,
worky worky, even w/ 100 Watt HF rig, though not necessarily recommended ..
but, does the job FB!  Great idea there on the antenna rotator wire
hook-em-ups, swapping the 2wo sexes, so cannot hose-em-up!  CHEAP .. and
available EVERYWHERE!  Unlike the ARRL suggested Cinch-Jones type plugs ..
try to find one of those in Podunk Hollow!    As another aside, the local
club(s) used the ARRL  Cinch-Jones (read .. Radio Shack) 4 pin connectors
for the "standard", so that all rigs could be safely plugged into the
emergency power source... and, a short while later, that was CHANGED ..
wonder how many hammers have it "right" now?  The cheapo 4 wire trailer
plugs, are, IMHO, THE WAY TO GO" !!!  Buy bulk, at your local auto parts
store/distributor.... and using to connect your rotator like your suggestion
is a major PLUS ! ~~~73 ... Mark, AA6DX
> To allow for rotator disconnect, I used a couple of trailer hitch
> electrical connector pairs. This gave me 8 conductors worth of
> weatherproof connectors. (One is wired up opposite the other, so you
> can't cross them up.)
> Bill Coleman, AA4LR, PP-ASEL        Mail:

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