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[Towertalk] DB 410-D Antenna Questions

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Subject: [Towertalk] DB 410-D Antenna Questions
From: (JJS)
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 19:43:28 -0500
Hello to all...
    I have a DB 410-D UHF folded dipole antenna that has a problem.
It is a 16 Bay antenna with 8 bays on the top section and 8 bays on the =
bottom section.  The harness has apparently been cut and the two =
sections separated to make "two" antennas. =20
    The harness seems identical on the top and the bottom sections.  To =
join the two sections, it appears to have a length of coax running from =
the bottom of the bottom section to the top of the bottom section.  The =
top section has a male N connector at the bottom, and the bottom section =
has a female N connector at the top.  At the point where it seems the =
two harnesses would join, the connectors (which I assume was the =
standard DB Products molded "Y" type) have been cut off and pl259 type =
connectors were put on.
    Does anyone have one of the DB 410-D UHF folded dipoles that they =
could tell me about??? I was wanting to put N connectors on the place =
where the harnesses join at the bottom of the bottom section and use a T =
adapter to connect the feedline.  Anyone have any comments?
    I have pictures available at for =
those interested. Any help besides a comment about purchasing a new set =
of harnesses would be greatly appreciated!!!
JJ Smith,

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