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[Towertalk] Tower Buidling 201

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Subject: [Towertalk] Tower Buidling 201
From: (Joe)
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 23:40:17 -0500
Tower Building 201

Need help with putting up a new tower. This is my second tower, the =
first was on a hinge.

I have 5 sections of Rohn25G and one top section. I intend to use one of =
the sections as a base. For now I would like to place a Diamond HF =
vertical (mounted on the side) and a Cushcraft 144/440 on top w/a rotor.

My house has a 13' foot peak and a 3' overhang. I think it would be best =
to mount the bracket to the wall. I am told by Rohn to not go over 30' =
above the bracket.

I am also told by Rohn to dig down 4' with 6" of gravel for the base.

My goal is to have a decent tower that I can use for quite awhile and =
grow with. My objective is to build it this fall AND TO DO IT RIGHT. =
That is where you guys come in. Do you have any suggestions to help me =
meet my goal?

Thanks for helping me out,

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