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[Towertalk] vertical mast to vertical mounting hardware?

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Subject: [Towertalk] vertical mast to vertical mounting hardware?
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 01:46:30 -0400

     You can fabricate something that looks like a commercial set of such
clamps.  (I found a set in Microwave Tower Service's catalog for the local
hams to use at our repeater site.)

     You'll need the following materials:  four muffler clamps for the
larger diameter pipe; four muffler clamps for the smaller diameter pipe to
which the Butternut will be attached; four carriage bolts equal in diameter
to the muffler clamps' bolts (hopefully the same diameter) and long enough
to pass through four clamps in tandem.

     Throw away the u-bolts that came with the clamps, but keep the nuts and
washers for use with the carriage bolts.  Cut about a quarter inch off the
ends of the guillotine pieces of the clamps and arrange them so they face
each other, forming a circular opening.  Insert the carriage bolts through
four sets of clamps (two larger and two smaller clamps) and install the nuts
and washers.  Do the same thing with the second set of materials so you now
have two identical sets of clamps.  Attach the larger clamps to the larger
pipe, spacing the clamps a foot or two apart.  Insert the smaller diameter
pipe into the smaller clamps and tighten all hardware.  Clamp the Butternut
base to the smaller pipe.

     I fabricated a similar device to use as a stopper above my mast's
bearing, to help support some of the weight of the mast/antennas/feedlines
above the tower. I estimate the above clamps and bolts ought to run you
somewhere around $25 or less.  You might also want to clean the parts with a
degreaser and spray with cold galvanizing paint before assembly.

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F
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Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 12:18 PM
Subject: [Towertalk] vertical mast to vertical mounting hardware?

>I have a 1-3/4" mast and a new old Butternut vertical (1" or 1-1/8"?) and
>I'm trying to figure out how to clamp them together. Anyone know of any
>prefabricated clamps I can use? I think Channelmaster has some "vent pipe"
>to mast clamps that might work. The Radio Shack one wanted a much larger
>vent pipe than 1-3/4".
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