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Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 22:21:12 -0500
I have many of these. There are two terminal blocks with four terminals each
for a total of eight.  You use this a terminal strip and connect two wires
to each position.  One wire goes to the rotor and one goes to the
controller.  Do this for all seven of your wires.  You must also have a good
ground connected to the top screw. When the voltage exceeds 82 volts it will
short to ground.  I would still recommend installing a quick disconnect on
your controller for additional protection.


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Subject: [Towertalk] Polyphaser question...

    I'm a little confused about how to wire a Polyphaser IS-RCT.  If
I'm looking at this correctly there are only 4 terminal positions on
either side of the block.  So what does one do when you want to
wire all 7 of your rotor control lines to this unit??  I'm assuming,
and we know what that means, that you only want to wire the 4
control wires of the rotor, i.e. do not wire the ground, the + or -
leads coming from the rotor.  I've never had a rotor prior to this so
I'm looking for advice/techinical support on how the Polyphaser IS-
RCT should be wired.

Thank you,

Don Thaxton

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