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[Towertalk] Tower Buidling 201

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Subject: [Towertalk] Tower Buidling 201
From: (Stan & Patricia Griffiths)
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 10:27:07 -0700
Hi Joe,

Here are a couple of  suggestions that might help you:

Install the house bracket before you pour the base concrete.  This way, you
can move the tower base slightly to get it perfectly vertical, and THEN pour
the concrete.  This is much easier than trying to get the house bracket in
exactly the right place after the base is set in concrete.  Here is what I
would do:

1.  Install the house bracket where you want it.  I am sure you will get
advice on how to make the bracket installation strong and reliable, like
bolting through the wall and backing up the bolts with some additional
pieces of wood inside the house.

2.  Dig the hole below the house bracket and put in the gravel.

3.  Assemble two tower sections so you have a 20 foot piece.

4.  Stand the tower in the hole and attach it loosely to the bracket.

5.  Adjust the tower for vertical by moving the base slightly in the hole.
You can check this using a carpenter's level on the tower legs.

6.  Build a shallow concrete form around the tower where it is close to the
surface of the ground and pour the concrete to fill the hole.

Note 1:  Make sure no concrete can plug the tower legs.  The tower legs MUST
be able to drain water into the gravel.  You can do this by adding a couple
more inches of gravel after the tower is positioned vertically and before
you pour the concrete.

Note 2:  The concrete should extend above the surface of the surrounding
ground by a least a couple of inches so water will not stand around the
tower base.  Use a little "extra" concrete so the concrete base is actually
higher in the center so that any water that would want to stand on the
concrete surface around the tower legs will run off.

Good luck with your tower install.


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Subject: [Towertalk] Tower Buidling 201

> Tower Building 201
> Need help with putting up a new tower. This is my second tower, the first
was on a hinge.
> I have 5 sections of Rohn25G and one top section. I intend to use one of
the sections as a base. For now I would like to place a Diamond HF vertical
(mounted on the side) and a Cushcraft 144/440 on top w/a rotor.
> My house has a 13' foot peak and a 3' overhang. I think it would be best
to mount the bracket to the wall. I am told by Rohn to not go over 30' above
the bracket.
> I am also told by Rohn to dig down 4' with 6" of gravel for the base.
> My goal is to have a decent tower that I can use for quite awhile and grow
with. My objective is to build it this fall AND TO DO IT RIGHT. That is
where you guys come in. Do you have any suggestions to help me meet my goal?
> Thanks for helping me out,
> Joe
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