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[Towertalk] From QRZ .. Tower Worker Injured

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Subject: [Towertalk] From QRZ .. Tower Worker Injured
From: Mark <> (Mark)
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 17:10:38 -0700
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      Posted: Sep. 28 2002,19:39

      A Michigan Ham was seriously hurt in a tower fall.  The accident
happened North of Lawton.  The climber involved was a long time tower
climber and has a lot of experience.  Injuries are a broken jaw, both arms
broken and one broken leg.  Gary will make a full recovery after extensive

      The accident involved the removal of a 160 foot tower.  The top 120
was removed without incident.  Daylight ran out and the next morning Gary
and his wife returned to the site.   The last 40 feet appeared to be safe
and work began on the remaining 40 feet.  The base of the tower broke and
the tower fell with Gary on board.  The tower fell onto a polebarn roof and
Gary was crushed between the tower and the roof.

      Gary is a well respected ham and is liked by everyone.   He is a
hardworking individual and it is very unfortunate the something like this
happened to him.  In the days to come I am sure your prayers and thoughts
for Gary would be welcome.  Thanks for reading.

      Allen Stap   N8OKU

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