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[Towertalk] BEST TOWER HEIGHT OPTION: Single stack or 2 towers??

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Subject: [Towertalk] BEST TOWER HEIGHT OPTION: Single stack or 2 towers??
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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 13:11:12 EDT
Hi Guys & thanks Steve for Towertalk-

We'd appreciate your thoughts.  Our new club station site is limited to a 
tower height of 70'.  We have two tower options we are considering.  Please 
advise which of the 2 you like the best for overall stateside and DX work.  
Thanks for your assistance!

OPTION 1: Single 70' tower with stacked Tribanders at 40 & 70'.  This option 
would offer a 3rd take off angle when the Tribanders were fed in phase and up 
to 3dB gain.

OPTION 2: Two towers, one at 40' and one at 70' each with a Tribander.  The 
towers would be separated by a distance of 100'.  This option would give 
easier flexability for rotating the Tribanders as each would be top mounted 
and the option of loading the 2 towers for various bands.  Some con's: may 
lose the 3 db gain from stacking, and could have possible interaction between 
the 2 towers at 100'?   

Our group is undecided which route would be the best way to go.  Any idears?


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