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Subject: [Towertalk] Rohn 25
From: (John Silberman)
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 13:24:55 -0400
A good friend of several of the list subscribers had a Rohn 25, 50 feet,
base plate on cement pad, wall bracket at 8 feet, and had a TH7DXX, some
HD rotor, cross tree with 2m and 440 ringos, and a 2m GP above the TH7.
It was guyed, but not properly, and at one level only. One guy snapped
when he was out of town and the whole mess stayed up but at an angle.
We sometimes get high winds here in Florida. Hi ;)  I went over and
winched it back into place and put a temporary guy on it until he got
home.  He never replaced the guy. ( about 10 years) The tower was
dismantled this year after being up for  20+ years.

The moral of this story is: do it right and you can be sure not to have
problems. But Rohn makes a GREAT product that will take a lot of abuse.
If you go up 30 or 35 feet,  It won't matter.  I don't have the Rohn
book here but I believe the 25 can go as high as 50 feet free standing.
Someone check that.

Good luck.


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