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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 16:20:58 EDT
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> Speaking of Trylon Towers, Steve, I've often wondered why such publicity is 
> made in that tower's favor, due to the fact that the "Titan" Tower series 
> uses pre-galvanized sheeting thoughout the structure, which is clearly non-
> conformant to both ASTM-A123 and ASTM A-153 hot-dip galvanizing 
> specifications for steel communications towers here in the US, as specified 
> in TIA/EIA-222-F 1996 standards on page 18, in the second paragraph.
>  I quote from Standard of TIA/EIA Standards "Structural materials 
> shall be galvanized in accordance with ASTM-A123 (hot-dip)". Trylon Tower 
> members are formed from galvanized sheeting, and once the material is 
>  all member edges are now no longer galvanized, and wide open to corrosion. 
> Also, the G-90 precoat material has a much thinner galvanizing coating 
> throughout, versus a true hot-dip application. This is in clear violation 
> the 1996 coatings standard.
>  I'd be willing to snail mail, or email a copy of this standard to anyone 
> requesting a copy.
>  I could go on with other factors under question, but this should suffice 
> now.
>  Comments?

    Yes. No one ever said that Trylon towers were completely compliant to any 
of the above commercial specs.

    In my posts vis-a-vis ANY towers, I present information helpful to the 
questions asked (as anyone who reads TowerTalk will recognize). Yes - I have 
a bias towards guyed and self-supporting steel towers.

    I've said several times that Trylon towers are light to medium duty and 
that AN Towers are medium to heavy duty so comparing them is a little like 
comparing apples and oranges. 

    The "publicity" as you call it has to do with the fact that for the 
money, there is no better VALUE than the Trylon Titan towers. 

    Are coatings important? Sure - to some extent. Is hot-dipped galvanizing 
the only acceptable one? Not always. Are a zinc coating and exposed edges 
fatal to tower relaibility? Absolutely not. 

    But not everyone NEEDS or wants to pay for a commercial grade tower like 
the AN. 

    And let's not confuse a thoughtful discourse with your very one-sided 
view of things. 

Steve    K7LXC
Champion Radio Products 

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