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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 16:59:26 EDT
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> A good friend of several of the list subscribers had a Rohn 25, 50 feet,
>  base plate on cement pad, wall bracket at 8 feet, and had a TH7DXX, some
>  HD rotor, cross tree with 2m and 440 ringos, and a 2m GP above the TH7.
>  It was guyed, but not properly, and at one level only. One guy snapped
>  when he was out of town and the whole mess stayed up but at an angle.
>  We sometimes get high winds here in Florida. Hi ;)  I went over and
>  winched it back into place and put a temporary guy on it until he got
>  home.  He never replaced the guy. ( about 10 years) The tower was
>  dismantled this year after being up for  20+ years.
>  The moral of this story is: do it right and you can be sure not to have
>  problems. 

    I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately there is WAY too much tower between 
the housebracket and the guys - 42 feet. The Rohn specs call for 32-34 feet 

    Why do I suspect that the guys were NOT 3/16" EHS like the specs call 
for? Just a wild guess on my part. 

>  But Rohn makes a GREAT product that will take a lot of abuse.

    They do well for amateur installations in spite of the many short-cuts 
and back-of-the-envelope engineering hams are well known for. 

>  If you go up 30 or 35 feet,  It won't matter.  I don't have the Rohn
>  book here but I believe the 25 can go as high as 50 feet free standing.
>  Someone check that.

    I did - it's wrong. I just posted more specific information on "Tower 
Buidling (sic) 201".  

Steve    K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateurs

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