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[Towertalk] BEST TOWER HEIGHT OPTION: Single stack or 2 towers??

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Subject: [Towertalk] BEST TOWER HEIGHT OPTION: Single stack or 2 towers??
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 17:44:39 -0400

     Wish I had the option of choosing one OR two towers!  Hi, Hi.  For the
life of me I can't understand why you'd want to spend the extra $$ on a
second full tower, guying(?), conduit runs, grounding, maintenance,
insurance, etc. etc.  If your antenna system design is for two antennas
only, one at 40 feet and one at 70 feet, you can have your cake and eat it,
too, by installing the lower antenna on a ring rotator.  (Check out to see these things on a tower.)  This contraption will
let you swing the lower Yagi around a full 360 degrees - as if it were
mounted at the top of the tower.  If you're concerned with QRM during
contests, and are considering the second tower to provide horizontal
isolation between/among radios, you can do almost the same thing with
properly engineered filtering applied at each xcvr.

     You don't really NEED a separate tower (AND ground fields!) for 80M and
160M.  Many of us on TowerTalk, myself included, have been able to load our
single towers on both of these bands, using various multi-band feeding

     If I had your options to consider, I'd keep the $$ from the second
tower, put some of it into a Tic-Ring Rotator for the lower Yagi, and join
in the fun on the air.

GL es 73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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Date: Sunday, September 01, 2002 1:18 PM
Subject: [Towertalk] BEST TOWER HEIGHT OPTION: Single stack or 2 towers??

>Hi Guys & thanks Steve for Towertalk-
>We'd appreciate your thoughts.  Our new club station site is limited to a
>tower height of 70'.  We have two tower options we are considering.  Please
>advise which of the 2 you like the best for overall stateside and DX work.
>Thanks for your assistance!
>OPTION 1: Single 70' tower with stacked Tribanders at 40 & 70'.  This
>would offer a 3rd take off angle when the Tribanders were fed in phase and
>to 3dB gain.
>OPTION 2: Two towers, one at 40' and one at 70' each with a Tribander.  The
>towers would be separated by a distance of 100'.  This option would give
>easier flexability for rotating the Tribanders as each would be top mounted
>and the option of loading the 2 towers for various bands.  Some con's: may
>lose the 3 db gain from stacking, and could have possible interaction
>the 2 towers at 100'?
>Our group is undecided which route would be the best way to go.  Any
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