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Subject: [Towertalk] Re: Best tower height...Rotation of antennas
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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 18:33:15 EDT
 If I had your options to consider, I'd keep the $$ from the second
tower, put some of it into a Tic-Ring Rotator for the lower Yagi, and join
in the fun on the air.
If this thing is to be done a budget, let's not forget swing arms and simple 
J-arms that allow rotation around 310 degrees  This is a very viable option 
when using tribanders or monobanders  I have been using HD 73 rotors that can 
be picked up for as little as 50-75 bucks at a hamfest for this purpose.  The 
mounting plate and angle pieces can be fabricated for even less.  
Although the rings have a good rep, this method has worked for me for almost 
twenty years.
Bill K4XS

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