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[Towertalk] RF feedback through other feeders

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Subject: [Towertalk] RF feedback through other feeders
From: (Adrian Sinitaru)
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 13:18:28 +0300
Dear Sirs,
I am a new member of the Towertalk reflector, so please forgive me =
whether am I bringing up a subject that was already disscused before.

I am having troubles with the RF feedback, when am operating on 40M.

For 40M I am using an inverted V dipole, that is hooked up on the tower =
where my 3 element tribander beam is.=20
I expereinced same problem when I used a vertical for 40M, that was =
installed on a mast 3 metters off the beam's tower.

It seems like the beam feeder brings down in the shack some RF that is =
troubling in different ways my FT920 transceiver.

Unfortunately, am living in a block of flats and I don't have a good =
grounding system for my shack. For the same reason, the feeders are =
quite long (around 20m) and I don't have much space on the roof to =
separate the antennas. All feeders are coming down in a bundle and are =
connected to my linear amplifier, through an antenna switch.

What would you suggest me to do?=20

Thank you in advance. With best wishes, Adrian YO3APJ

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