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Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 16:00:52 -0500
My Rohn 55G tower in Aruba has been up for less than a year.  After five
months the corrosion was very noticeable and I painted the tower with a zinc
enriched paint.  That was six months ago and it's starting to look bad
again.  I considered a Trylon tower and at that time I believe the web-site
said that the sections were hot dipped galvanized.  I called Steve and when
he told me about the exposed edges I decided against it.  Since the Trylon
tower is made from stamped pieces I was also concerned about sharp edges on
the tower.  Steve suggested that I paint it shortly after construction.


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Depends on the environment.
If you have seen what happens say in Aruba, you would be concerned about
corrosion. It gets under the skin and spreads like wildfire, stuff
Normal non-corrosive atmosphere, yes, I would not worry much, but in coastal
areas it is a problem.


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