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[Towertalk] Burying Coax in Conduit Trench

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Subject: [Towertalk] Burying Coax in Conduit Trench
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Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 16:29:17 +0000
I'm no expert, but I either read or personally inferred 
that one should not bury their grounding wire from the 
tower ground grid to the shack SPG/electrical service 
ground in the same trench as the coax/control cables.  
One wants the tower/shack ground system to take away all 
the energy of a strike surge (either direct hit or 
induced from nearby strike) and not have any in the 
cables.  My thought is that energy could couple from 
that grounding wire back into the cables and sent it 
towards the SPG.  One would rather not send anything 
toward the SPG.  Personally, I ran my ground wire from 
the towers to the house in a separate route.  Phil  

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