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[Towertalk] US Tower TX 472MDP Raising Fixture

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Subject: [Towertalk] US Tower TX 472MDP Raising Fixture
From: (Al Williams)
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 12:14:16 -0700
Subject: Re: [Towertalk] US Tower TX 472MDP Raising Fixture

>'re right there's a load lock brake and a rachet pawl that
> the weight.  Crank clockwise to raise the tower and counterclockwise to
> lower it.  You should hear the rachet pawl clicking while cranking up, but
> you won't hear it while cranking down because the load brake is activated.

I might not have the TX472MDP Raising Fixture but I do have the MDP
raising fixture that came with a used HDX472MDP tower.  The fixture
uses a Fulton 2550 brake winch.  I also have three other Fulton2550
brake winches on other towers.

I would sure like a detailed explanation of how the brake mechanism
works.  It appears that it relies on the pressure between small (2"
diameter pads, one attached to the drum and the other to the winch
frame body.  If there is no load on the drum, the pressure on the pads
is released allowing somewhat free wheeling.  I think that if the pads
get worn or the pressure is misadjusted, the brake will slip.  What is
the mechanism that allows cranking off the drum?

Perhaps someone can explain how this all works to me or the whole
reflectorees.  What/ how  to watch for signs of oncoming failure?


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