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[Towertalk] Well casing fold-over mast

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Subject: [Towertalk] Well casing fold-over mast
From: (Jerry Keller)
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 17:56:32 -0400
Steve... hundreds of these things were built and used very successfully. One
of the most popular was called the "Paul Bunyan Whip", and it appeared in
QST March 1963, by Al Hubbard, K0ONM. My neighbor had one up for many years
with a TH6DX and a small VHF yagi on it, never had a problem. He home-brewed
it from pipe he welded together himself with a small home welder. I have the
specs and I'd be happy to share them with anyone who e-mails me direct.

I understand your point of view when you throw stones at this sort of
"amateurish" attempts to get an antenna up, but your professional bias is
showing: you are a PRO and most of the rest of us are AMATEURS. I realize
you are just trying to keep us safe and all that...and I would never violate
your "do what the Mfr. says" advice... but you have to realize that many of
us just can't afford expensive commercial towers and masts and cranes like
you use every day in your work. Sure, there's bunches of hams that can
afford to put up 100+ foot of rohn, stacked force12's, etc.... but there's
lots MORE of us that haven't got $$thousands to put into it and look for a
homebrew alternative (other than wire).... how about using some of your
considerable expertise in aid of that group too?

Some of us still want to "home-brew" something just like our fathers did,
within a tight budget, as AMATEURS, not professionals. Is there still room
for that sort of homebrew thing on the Towertalk reflector?  Sorry... I
don't mean to go off on you or anything, you are a gem on this reflector who
gives of yourself freely and I value your opinion highly, but it's just that
I get a little tired of the "professional" and "bigbux" partyline.

With respect,  Jerry K3BZ

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> Any constructive comments on the mast design/concept would be most

    They also had articles on masts made from irrigation pipe - doesn't mean
either design is worth doing. A bunch of farting around with materials
designed for something else with questionable erection methods if you ask

    If you need some sort of mast, look at the AB-577 (I think that's the
right nomenclature). Nifty and strong.

    25G is just a step above a mast and far superior as an antenna support.

Steve    K7LXC
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