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[Towertalk] Need VHF/UHF Antenna Advice

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Subject: [Towertalk] Need VHF/UHF Antenna Advice
From: (Bill Hider (N3RR))
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 09:08:53 -0400

Per the W3LPL cable attenuation tables on my website linked from:, at 1296 MHz the attenuation of
165 feet of LDF5-50A cable would be 2.5 dB.  At 440 it's 1.3 dB.  Is this
acceptable attenuation?  If so, this cable can be had at hamfests for
$0.50 - $1.00/foot.  In fact, I have a 104 foot roll that I'm selling for
$.50/foot right now.

I'd opt for buying the cable.  It has to be less expensive than a new tower
installation, even if you own the tower - not to mention the lower height of
the new tower.

Bill, N3RR

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Subject: [Towertalk] Need VHF/UHF Antenna Advice

> Hello!
> I am faced with a dilemma.  I have one tower that will accommodate VHF/UHF
> antennas.  Unfortunately, it would require 150-165' of coax per antenna.
> height is 70'.  The height would be magnificent, but I worry about the
> loss, especially for 432 and 1.2 GHz.  The only way to deal with this is
> use very expensive cable ($3/ft).
> The other option is to install a second tower that is much closer (70'),
> with a lesser height (50').  I already own the tower.  Which would you
> choose?  My wife does not want the second tower for obvious reasons.  But
> may not have a choice!!
> Your input is greatly appreciated.
> 73,
> Ed NI6S
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