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[Towertalk] Shunt Fed Tower 160/80

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Subject: [Towertalk] Shunt Fed Tower 160/80
From: (Joe Giacobello, K2XX)
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 10:21:15 -0400
Dan, I am very interested in just how you went about using your crank-up tower 
as a vertical.  Did you
load the cable or the tower structure itself?  Did you shunt feed it via a 
gamma match?  How much power
were you running?  I have a motorized Triex LM-470 here and would like to do 
the same.  However, I was
warned that there might be some problems with high voltages between the unwound 
cable (assuming one uses
it as the conductor) turns on the winch spool and/or other mechanical portions 
of the tower raising

I would be interested in a detailed description of your arrangement.

73, Joe

Jim: I have shunt fed 2 different crankup towers at various times and
had no problems in either Dallas or Spokane. Neither are particularly
corrosive climates. YMMV. I have seen no indications of intermittent
contact or variations in SWR. Go for it. 73, Dan, N5AR

Jim Reid wrote:
> Can a "crank up' be shunt fed?  Suspect not,  too
> discontinuous.  I have an MA-550.  Maybe
> the cable itself would look continuous to the signal?
> Just a question;  anybody done it?  I have a Force 12
> C4 atop mine up about 15' on a mast going on up from
> the top of the 550.
> 73,  Jim  KH7M

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