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[Towertalk] Connectors for CATV hardline

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Subject: [Towertalk] Connectors for CATV hardline
From: (Robin Midgett)
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 10:48:54 -0500
Gilbert Engineering is a source of connectors for the CATV industry; give 
them a try.

At 08:14 AM 9/6/2002 -0400, Mike Gilmer, N2MG wrote:
>Thanks for all the "do-it-yourself" connector info, however, I follow the
>chat here on TT and have already read (most of) the various descriptions of
>using PL-258s, etc.  I am thinking to employ some of these methods but I
>want to consider all the options and the "buy" option has not been discussed
>here as best I can tell - certainly not to the extent that the homebrew
>option has.
>I will likely come up with some homebrew method, but I would like to see
>what my options are for a real connector.  So please, if you know from where
>these connectors can be bought, I'd appreciate hearing of it.
>Tnx again.
>Mike N2MG
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