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Subject: [Towertalk] Trylon Towers
From: (Stan & Patricia Griffiths)
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 13:56:53 -0700
Hi Byron,

If you REALLY want to help us avoid this pitfall, you will tell us the name
of the dealer to avoid . . .


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Subject: [Towertalk] Trylon Towers

> Hello Gang-
>     While all of this flack is flying around concerning the Trylon Towers
> would like to throw in my opinion. I have a Trylon T-500-72 installed and
> T-600-64 on the ground.
>     I feel I was mis-led by the dealer who discussed these towers with me.
> He was quoting to me these impressive wind load ratings, but neglected to
> tell me they were at 70 MPH and not 100 MPH, as most other towers are
> at for wind load.
>     I was told the tower was hot dipped after fabrication and that all of
> the hardware was hot dipped galvanized, but neither was true. Only a small
> portion of the hardware is hot dipped. I live near the gulf coast { 30
> from bay} and specifically asked about galvanizing.
>     I guess the worst dis-appointment was imagining this super strong
> { as was told to me} and seeing the flimsey top section legs - I was
> literally shocked by the thin metal in the top sections and rotor shelves.
>     Anyway, I put up the T-500-72 but have reservations about its
> capabilities. I hope I help someone else to avoid the pitfall that I fell
> into. Thank you, Byron WA5THJ.
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