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Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 01:04:24 EDT
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> Steve... when you top the tree, how far down do you strip off the limbs? 

    DO NOT strip the limbs - big mistake. The tree still has to have growth 
at the top in order to bring up sap; no limbs, no growth, no sap - wood rots 
and antenna falls down. 

>  Do
>  you strip the limbs off one complete side, to make room for the antenna to
>  be raised to the top? Or what? 

    Yes - or what. I usually have about 2 feet of naked trunk at the top of 
the tree - just the typical distance between sets of branches. Then you have 
3-4 feet between the branches and the antenna so there is clearance between 
the growth and the antenna. 

    The antenna is brought up by the good old tramline method. The trick 
there is having a tagline on a middle element so that you can tilt the 
elements just about vertical so they'll clear the branches as the antenna 
nears the tree. When the antenna arrives at the top, release the tagline and 
- voila - the elements settle horizontally and the antenna is ready for 
bolting to the mast. 

    You only have to trim branches that stick out into the tramline pathway 
or will snag the antenna as it goes by. 

Steve     K7LXC

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