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[Towertalk] C3 Rivets

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Subject: [Towertalk] C3 Rivets
From: (Dale L Martin)
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 16:04:51 -0500

I bought a box of rivets and an Arrow RH200 rivet tool at Home Depot a
couple of years ago when I bought a used C3.

I looked for my box of rivets to try to get a model number for you, but
couldn not find them.

But, the beam's been working fine for the past couple of years.

Guys, if I ever mention I'm thinking about or starting up project, please
remind me that I don't need to buy nails or wood screws--I found about a
dozen 1 lb. boxes of them scattered around my garage shelves.  I gotta get
better organized!

dale, kg5u

> Hi all - Im reassembling a C3 and it calls for 1/8" rivets - anything
> special here, or will whatever I find in the hardware store work?   Dana

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