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Subject: [Towertalk] TB6EM
From: (Tom Anderson)
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 16:20:48 -0500
Fellow Tower Talkians:

I have recently purchased a nearly new still in the box Telrex TB6EM (I knew 
the owner) in so far
pristine condition.  It still has the original coating material as it came from 
Telrex.  Anyone know
what can be used to removed this gooey substance?  Traps check out ok.

Also a friend of mine (Bob, WB5IUU)  has a used TB6EM that has been in his 
garage for several years
that he bought in 1986 and is planning on reinstalling it.  Any problems with 
using 0000 steel wool  to
smooth down and remove anything (bird doo, etc.) that may have formed on the 
tubing while in storage?

I'll probably get a small 2 or 3 element 12 and 17m WARC beam and put it atop 
the TB6EM on a 15 foot
.250 in.wall mast or would a .125 wall support it ok?

Also anyone use another manufacturer's balun other than the one supplied by 
Telrex for the TB6EM?

Thanks for any advice.  Comments pro or con humbly and gratefully appreciated.

I've been using a Mosley Classic 33WARC and 40m kit, but couldn't pass up the 
deal on the TB6EM from a
friend of WB5IUU's since I had used WB5IUU's when he had it in Grand Prairie 
TX, he now lives near
Houston. His TB6EM cranked down on a 50 ft TriEx WT51 to 20 ft could hear more 
stations than my Mosley
TA33Jr. on top of 40 ft. of Rohn 25.

One more question.  Anyone using a TriEX WT51 with another winch other than the 
Fulton K1550 (supplied
by TriEx) winch? The K1550 (with the disc brake holding mechanism ) squeals 
like a stuck pig when you
lower the tower.

Tom, WW5L

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