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[Towertalk] Wilson Crank up round tower

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Subject: [Towertalk] Wilson Crank up round tower
From: Mark <> (Mark)
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 16:28:39 -0700
OK .. some input here please, folks!  I have decided to stick my "new"
Wilson 45' crank-up pole on the back porch .. major size concrete structure
.. but, way old .. constructed back when, probably setup about 60-70 years
ago.  read .. brittle.. not good for expanding bolts, as I read .. the best
way, according to the hucksters, is EPOXY ..  The tower has like all the
accessories, including the rotator on the bottom, and the flop over raising
structure.  I am going to drill into the concrete, and use the epoxy bolts
to stick the flop over mount on the bottom, and then bolt the raising
structure to the house outer wall, with COMPLETE through the wall bolts, and
backed with 2X6 or so back-up plates in the attic .. Mind you, this tower
WILL NOT BE "UP" IN 70 MPH WINDS! -- been there, done that .. not a nice
scene... so major load, during storm, will be a CrunchCraft 3 el tri, and
perhaps a 6el 6M, a few els on 2M, at 25-30' --- OF COURSE, I am sure I will
overload that in times to come.  HI HI... so .. have been reading about the
epoxy bolts, etc.. note. the bottom of this brute uses 2wo bolts .. pix on
request...   What brand of chemical anchor is readily available, and how
much?  Ace Hardware site says you do not need this product, unless you are
installing a bridge!  HI .. I've done the Internet sites about this subject,
unless you have somewhere hidden to suggest..   Mind you, my lot is small,
and I am downtown... but mostly renters surround me, and I "own" ..
Thanks, amigos!   es, 73 -- Mark, AA6DX   Eureka, Far Northern California !!

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