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Subject: [Towertalk] screw in anchors
From: (David Jordan)
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 07:19:33 -0400
Pre -coat the bolt with TREE PATCH ( a black substance with the 
consistancy of roofing tar). Let dry before installation.  The tree 
won't know the difference.  

It's key to remember that most of the nurishment for the tree is passed 
up through the bark.  Limit the damage to the bark as much as possible.


Chris BONDE wrote:

> At 03:55 PM 2002-09-08 -0700, Mark wrote:
>> And the drill-through part makes every good sense to me .. although, 
>> I did
>> not do that in the past., I used chain around the boles .. never 
>> never never
>> had a prob with that .. Mark  6dx
>> ----- Original Message -----
> The one thing that I would like to ask about drilling through and 
> putting a bolt through the tree is,  if the bolt is coated with a  
> metal could the metal be toxic to the tree?  Copper nails can do great 
> damage to trees.  I am wondering if cadmium is used for the plating 
> whether it would be toxic?  Maybe a sheath or tube of inert plastic 
> around the bolt would be a safety idea?  I donot know, maybe someone 
> has some experince or knowledge.
> Chris opr VE7HCB
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