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[Towertalk] Screw in anchors-where to get good ones, economically.

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Subject: [Towertalk] Screw in anchors-where to get good ones, economically.
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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 09:51:24 -0400
If you look at the numbers in the Rohn catalog regarding "pull out requirements"
(I forget the correct nomenclature) you'll see that AB Chance supplies
a commercial unit that far exceeds that of the Rohn anchor.  There's a 5'
long unit that is available at your local Greybar electric company.  At my local
Greybar, these anchors were about $15 each.... a considerable savings over
other units and spec'd far better. I can tell you that there's a considerable 
of huffing and puffing needed to put these in by hand (A 5' iron digging bar 
through the eye, with me hanging on all 5' of it for leverage, was needed at 
but you'll know they're not going to come out!  I believe

The shank on these are about 5/8". I'd recommend sharpening the leading edge
of the "blade" if you're working in a root filled area. A right angle grinder 
makes quick
work of this.

These are VERY strong anchors.....

I believe AB Chance is part of Hubble now. In any event, look for the 5' jobs
that are touted as being insertable by hand.

John wb5oau

PS: will show you the 
            end of the anchor, as installed.

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