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Subject: [Towertalk] re: Screw anchors -- strength
From: (Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD)
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 10:59:02 -0400
I use 3 anchors, 6" thread, 5 foot shaft, to hold up a 100' Rohn 25G =
tower, with 3 sets of =BC" EHS guys, broken with insulators.  The =
anchors are in sand.  Tower has taken gusts of 58mph (maybe more) to =
date, and is still as solid as the day I put it up.  I don't have turn =
buckles in-line--just grips and tension by feel and eyeball.

A power company guy told me these would be pretty good--you can use them =
for anchors to winch your truck out.  They has some 6 footers with 1 =
foot thread that a D6 Cat could not pull out of a swamp.

Cars hit the guys all the time and only pull the bolt and washer through =
the top of the pole.  The power guys simply drill another hole and put =
the bolt back in.

Depending on your soil--these work well.  Some of the big 200' cable =
towers around here (SW MI) are held up with these, as well as most ham =
towers, including some 180' private repeater towers.=20
Rudy Marcelletti, K8SWD

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