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[Towertalk] Tree Mounts

To: <>
Subject: [Towertalk] Tree Mounts
From: (Chris BONDE)
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 10:22:28 -0700
At 09:19 AM 2002-09-09 -0400, wrote:
>    Trees are pretty danged strong and do not need any kind of guying.
>     If your pole moved, it was probably not installed correctly. The other
>reason to guy it was just pursuing good old belt-and-suspenders engineering.

I agree for the most part.  Check upon what type of tree you are 
using.  Some trees have mainly surface roots.  These run a few centimetre 
below the ground surface, sucking in as much as possilbe.  A good wind will 
leverage them over.  Other trees have tap roots, ie almost 50% of the root 
goes down, down.  These are very resiliant against the wind.

But, as most of the adventurous say, try it.  That is what a Radio Amateur 
Experimental Operator is about.
(Yah, but I just lost a good rig. )

Chris opr VE7HCB

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