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Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 18:43:58 +0000
You only need to get FAA approval if you're within 2 
miles (or is that 1 mile) of an airport or over 200 ft 
(?).  The folks at my county's zoning dept. said the 
same thing until I pointed out the actual ruling.  They 
looked into it and then became educated.  I spent a good 
portion of one morning talking with my county's 
building/engineering/zoning departments inquiring and 
educating (always being very professional & tactful) 
prior to submitting my tower applications (3 in total).  
I did this because when I called on the phone all I got 
was "Oh, you can't do that."  When I bought my place, my 
attorney had checked out for any restrictions, etc.  
Sounds like you may need to help educate your county 
folks also.  Gd luck, Phil  KB9CRY
> K4XS:> It happens time and time again in Florida and other states.
> YEP.
> The 7th or 8th building person I spoke with in my FL county told me I needed
> to include a "letter of tower approval" from the FAA in my 50' tower permit
> application packet, even though I have a tree in my yard that is taller than
> 50'.
> I'm about 6 miles from TIA, but I didn't realize that approach angles were
> that low....
> I asked the building chap how others went about getting this "FAA approval"
> letter; what language should it contain, and who to write to.
> His response:  "I have no idea.....  We never get any ham tower
> applications.  I guess people just build them [towers]."
> That was all I needed to hear in order to evaluate my situation.
> Blake N4GI
> p.s.   I'm still open to suggestions on how to get an FAA tower approval
> letter.  I'll be sure to post it at the top of my new tower.
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