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[Towertalk] Permission vs Forgiveness...was Tower in Trees

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Subject: [Towertalk] Permission vs Forgiveness...was Tower in Trees
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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 15:35:25 EDT
I'll bet that fellow in Pinellas County put that one up a while back.  I live 
just over the Pinellas County line in Pasco County.  Several guys I know, 
including N4GI who has been posting on this subject have had a difficult time 
putting up a reasonable sized tower....40- 50 ft.  Lately things have been 
changing around these parts. 

When cell towers started blossoming several years ago all over the place, 
people started getting pretty hostile toward any tower.  And since the new 
stringent building codes went in last March (I believe 130 MPH wind load) the 
building departments have been rather picky about what goes up.  This coupled 
with the fact that Pinellas county is the most densely populated county in 
Florida has made approved erection of antennas and towers rather difficult.

Believe it or not some insurance companies do not insure towers and antennas 
in Pinellas anymore....However, that is a different story.

Bill K4XS

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