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Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 08:30:44 -0700
Rivets in general it is best to have rivets of the same alloy as the
material being riveted (prevents galvanic corrosion). Blind fasteners
(pop rivets) have different diameters and qualities from brand to brand
for the same rivet. 

The hole and the thickness are an important consideration if the hole is
damaged a larger rivet is needed some times changing brands will provide
just enough diameter change to fix the hole. The thickness issue is one
that is most often abused and over looked. A rivet too short or too long
severely compromises structural integrity.     


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That's very interesting.

I'm cross posting this to F12 reflector also.

I have read N6BT's writeup about rivets someone sent to the towertalk
reflector the other day.  That was interesting reading, too.  My Force
manuals (C3, C3E, C4) only mention in passing the 'type' of rivet used,
in both Tom's writeup and in the manuals, no mention is made of the
make/model number of the Force12-preferred rivets.

I'm going to be needing some rivets to reassemble a partialy
F12 C4 soon.  Home Depot-purchased rivets worked well on my C3/E, so I'm
sure they will work with my recently purchased (used) C4.

dale, kg5u

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> The rivets that came with my c31xr came in a plactic zip lock
> bag, no model
> number or markings.  My dog loves zip lock bags and when I found
> the bag with
> the bottom chewed out and minus the rivets I called F12 to get  25
> rivets.  I was charged $20.  I had some of the same size rivets
> on hand and I
> think the whole box was under $5 for a couple hundered of them at
> home depot.
>  The head on the home depot rivets was slightly smaller  than the
> ones that
> came with the C31. I am sure the ones I got at home depot would
> have worked
> fine.  Not wanting to find out the hard way that I was wrong and
> to preserve
> the structural integrety,  I ordered the factory version anyway.
> Not sure
> how much of the 20 dollar charge was "shipping and handling" .
> 73
> chet

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