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[Towertalk] EZ-Way Tower cable replacement

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Subject: [Towertalk] EZ-Way Tower cable replacement
From: (Larry Emery)
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 14:21:51 -0400
I have acquired an estate sale EZ-Way tower (RBX70-3) equipped with a =
positive pulldown winch assembly.  It is in need of new 3/16 cabling as =
the old cable had broken and the tower had some sort of oddball lash-up =
to hold things in place as they were.   I think I have figured out the =
proper pulley sequence and assume the 4 turns still on the drum was the =
correct original amount of turns there.....question is what is the =
best/proper way to install the new cable as I have no manual that might =
give me a hint.  Do I start from the spring tension assembly (car lifter =
springs!) then to the base pulley and up to the winch drum or do I =
access the tension spring portion as a last step.  Should I 'pre-tension =
the spring before connecting the new 3/16 aircraft cable?Any help =
appreciated.  Also, since all sections are nestled down, should I place =
the 4 turns on the drum to the far left grooves on the drum since the =
down "microswitch" should be activated?

Thanks es 73,
Larry K1UO

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