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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 15:57:28 +0000

Those are Manta Ray anchors by Forsight Products, LLC.

See for 
details. They are out of Colorado.

I have looked at these for tie back anchors for sheet 
pile retaing walls among other uses. I usually have the 
good fortune to have a soils report from an geotechnical 
engineering consultant when I look at these things, but 
since the utility company has experience in your area I 
would not hesitate to use them if they are applicable.

Hope they work out for you.


Hank Lonberg, S.E.,P.E. / KR7X
Lonberg Design Group
> Towertalkers ... & ... Contest Ops ....
> I just left the power company office here in town ... disussing plans to
> install about
> 70 feet of R45 .... ground systems, MGN connections, etc ... inside my small
> lot
> .....and in the process the following came up:
> Hydraulic-installed anchors ... they have a hydraulic system that hammers 7
> or
> 10 foot long 0.75 inch diameter anchors into the earth with a big plate at
> the end
> ... when they reach the desired depth then they set them for the desired
> load
> by pulling against the earth to the value desired ... maximum value is like
> 18000
> lbs ... like a molly-bolt/screw thing you put in the wall, the plate at the
> bottom opens
> out and poof, you have a super anchor ... The name of the system they use is
> MANTRA (???) ... and they said they would be willing to do the job for me !!
> WOW & Double WOW ... when I consider I would have to put in four 3x5x2
> rebarred
> concrete anchors down six feet plus buy the anchors ...  Putting screw-in
> anchors
> into this small cobble around here is just short of impossible !!!!!!
> Power company Anchor cost is like $85+ install ...will be given quote soon
> ...
> Is this too good to be true ???   Does anyone know about this or has used
> these anchors?
> These are the anchors the city uses to dead end transmission and
> distribution poles ... which
> can have requirements at least as much (probably MORE) than my tower would
> ever need ...
> Your comments/experience requested ...
> If this comes true I will get the info and put it on the reflector ...
> unless it is already here somewhere.
> ... de Dave nc7w / Brigham, UT
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