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[Towertalk] tower removal

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Subject: [Towertalk] tower removal
From: (Bill Hider (N3RR))
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 22:48:14 -0400
If you wish to re-use or sell the tower, that's not the way to do it.

Likely, the tower will buckle without expert crane operation and experienced
crew, especially since your post implies the crane line is attached to the
tower at the top of the tower!
Understand you admit no experience in this.  There are many other ways to
take this tower down, safely and allow for re-use.

Two other ways:

1.  Climb it, disconnect top-most guy set, lower guys, unbolt every
bolt/nut/lockwasher in the top-most section while carefully, using a haul
line/bucket or equivalent, lowering down all horizontals/diagonals/hardware
then lowering the verticals (legs) via a haul line.  All the forgoing to
avoid damaging them.  Then repeat for the remaining 10 foot sections of the
tower. Three of us just completed this operation in Maryland on a 85 footer
and a 100 footer.  We were able to take down 1 section in less than 45
minutes - some in 35 minutes. This operation must be done safely as well.
There are climbing/positioning precautions that must be adhered-to as well -
too numerous to type out here. Call me: 301-424-3666, Eastern Time Zone.

2.  Climb it, disconnect top-most guy set, lower guys, attach crane line to
top 10 ft section, unbolt only the splice plate, then lower that section
down via crane.  Repeat for all sections.  Carefully coordinating the crane
with the tower and ground crew ought to increase speed of lowering the tower
by a factor of  3 to 5 or more.

Be sure you have experienced tower climbers and experienced *tower-job*
crane operators.  This cannot be overstressed.  At least have supervisors
who have experience.

Bill, N3RR

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Sent: Friday, September 13, 2002 9:46 PM
Subject: [Towertalk] tower removal

Seeking a little advice about the removal of a well guyed AB 105 to 135 ft.

A 75 ft crane is easily available and wondered if, when the guys are free,
a couple of inches lift at the crane top level would allow removal of the
lowest section (previously unbolted) to clear the base and then lay over the
assembled tower for unbolting.

The tower and guys w/grips and insulators will be offered for sale. Location
is Hansville WA which is on the W side of the Puget Sound.

Any better ideas appreciated as we have no expeience in this area

Earl W7TK

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