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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 18:48:19 -0400
The Optibeam. OB16-3. I have had an Optibeam OB16- 3 up for about 5 =
months now. First I must say I have never seen such a good job of =
packing. About 60% of the antenna was already put together. No looking =
for nuts and bolts in a big bag. All the elements were inserted together =
inside of each other. Ever piece of tubing was marked. Where to place =
the elements on the boom was clearly marked. No need to make any =
measurements on the antenna. Anyone could put this antenna together =
without getting into trouble. I have found that all the claims as far as =
gain and F/B ratio are very true. Over all I am very happy with the way =
the antenna performs. The SWR curve is very good across the band.  So =
far this antenna has survived one heavy windstorm with 50 mph plus winds =
that did so much damage here I had no power for 2 whole days. I have =
found Jay of Array solutions to be a excellent person to deal with when =
ever I had any questions or concerns about the Optibeam Jay was there to =
help set things straight so don't be worried about buying this antenna =
because you never heard of it. It truly is all it's claimed to be. And =
Array solution stands behind what they sell more to come in the future.  =
 Laura WB2YL

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