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very good to hear these type of messages.

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The Optibeam. OB16-3. I have had an Optibeam OB16- 3 up for about 5 months
now. First I must say I have never seen such a good job of packing. About
60% of the antenna was already put together. No looking for nuts and bolts
in a big bag. All the elements were inserted together inside of each other.
Ever piece of tubing was marked. Where to place the elements on the boom was
clearly marked. No need to make any measurements on the antenna. Anyone
could put this antenna together without getting into trouble. I have found
that all the claims as far as gain and F/B ratio are very true. Over all I
am very happy with the way the antenna performs. The SWR curve is very good
across the band.  So far this antenna has survived one heavy windstorm with
50 mph plus winds that did so much damage here I had no power for 2 whole
days. I have found Jay of Array solutions to be a excellent person to deal
with when ever I had any questions or concerns about the Optibeam Jay was
there to help set things straight so don't be worried about buying this
antenna because you never heard of it. It truly is all it's claimed to be.
And Array solution stands behind what they sell more to come in the future.
Laura WB2YL

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